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In Tagalog, amihan is the term for the cool, dry season in Southeast Asia when trade winds shift directions and move from East to West. Born in the Philippines but raised in the United States I have forever been in search of surf and sun. I've jumped on countless planes, trains, catamarans, kayaks, and automobiles for hot countries as though in some compulsive way to find my way home. 

After living in Southern California as a fashion editor and swimming my way through Southeast Asia as traveler and surfer, I was inspired to bring the treasures of the Pacific to all in a highly curated e-commerce boutique of fashion brands, beauty products, and home goods found and inspired by surf and sun. I spent time again on the road, from night markets in Siem Reap to showrooms in Los Angeles, looking for AMIHAN and living AMIHAN.  AMIHAN is where East meets West, the ocean meets the shore, and modern style meets ancient wisdom. In an effort to bring meaning to fashion we also strive to work with models, collaborators, brands, and charities that bring positive energy into the world.

AMIHAN Life is for lovers, surfers, mermaids and mystics. AMIHAN Life is for you!

Sinta Jimenez

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Our TeaM


Sinta Jimenez, Founder and Creative Director


Jade Ocinar-Bernabe, VP of Operations - Asia


Paola Nazati, Photographer


Yoona Bae, Project Management Intern

Solstice, Puppy-in-Residence


Ragini Ahuja, Technology And Content Optimization Intern

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