Sheer Basic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by G Stuff

Sheer Basic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by G Stuff


We're cuckoo for coconuts! Sheer Basic is made of the best and purest coconut oil in the world, grown in the paradise that is Palawan surrounded by ocean breeze, under Pacific sun. Use it to remove make up, as a hair treatment, or as a moisturizer. Light weight and quickly absorbent. Sheer Basic is full of feel good, radiate beauty nutrients. It is literally the most essential and versatile beauty product we have discovered yet!

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We mean it when we say we'd go around the world for you and back. We discovered the amazing 100% organic G Stuff skincare line in the Philippines which uses only premium Philippine-island grown ingredients and whose proceeds also benefit indigenous tribes and communities. Self-care that benefits those in need - that is AMIHAN Life! 

G Stuff is exclusive to AMIHAN in the United States.