Soy Candles by Species by the Thousands

Soy Candles by Species by the Thousands


Jupiter Wine

Sweet without the artificial scent normally found in commercial candles. This is our favorite candle! A beautiful blend of currant, berries, and cassis.

Love Life

Romantic and musky and just a touch sweet. Set your at-home date night on fire. Made with tuberose and ylang-ylang.

Levitating Lavender

A mild scent of lavender that is less flowery that it is herbal thanks to the addition of grounding rosemary. Calming and soothing, perfect for an indulgent candle lit bath or just before bed.

Candle information
— 100% non-GMO, pesticide-free, American-grown soybean wax
— 100% cotton wick
— High 12% fragrance content
— A blend of high quality fragrance oils and essential oils
— 45 hour approximate burn time
— 7.4 ounce net weight
— Uncolored soy wax in 8 ounce amber glass jar with lid

Additional details
— Handmade in Brooklyn, NY shop / studio
— Beautiful black label with original artwork printed on silver paper
— Makes a great gift!

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Our stylists love these as a much cooler candle gift than the usual thanks to the urban witch vibe.

Species by the Thousands is small batch skincare and lifestyle products handmade with magic in Brooklyn. Founded by white witch and all around bad ass babe, Erica Bradbury.