Love Spell Kit by Species by the Thousands

Love Spell Kit by Species by the Thousands


Enchant your object of desire with this handcrafted love spell kit. Includes all you need to cast a love spell and finally get bae to come over for Netflix and love you forever. We are not responsible for you getting everything you ever wished for! Handmade with magic and a bit of sexy mischief in Brooklyn.

Spray the Love Spray around the room. Focus your mind on positive emotions. Arrange the rose petals around the candle. Light the candle, hold the rose quartz in your hand and visualize yourself with your loved one surrounded in rose gold light.

The Kit Contains
— White Magic Love Spray (1oz / 59ml)
— Pouch of Rose Petal Herbs
— Pink Chime Candle with Ceramic Candle Holder
— Rose Quartz

    White Magic Love Spray Ingredients
    — distilled water
    — vodka
    — ylang yalng essential oil
    — palmarosa essential oil
    — lavender essential oil
    — geranium essential oil

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    Our stylists recommend using your intuition and positive thinking. If you cast it they will come!

    Species by the Thousands is small batch skincare and lifestyle products handmade with magic in Brooklyn. Founded by white witch and all around bad ass babe, Erica Bradbury.