Dry Brushing for Sea Skin Everyday

 G Stuff Sheer Basic and Burt's Bees Natural Brush

G Stuff Sheer Basic and Burt's Bees Natural Brush

The ocean is a place of skin, rich outer membranes hiding thick juicy insides, laden with the soup of being.
— Vera Nazarian

Skin, like many other mediums, changes texture, color, shape, and tone under the influence of external factors and intentional manipulation. A day in the sun, a summer by the sea, a heat in the cheeks whether by fever or desire all changes the skin. 

While salt water is notorious for drying out hair and the humidity by bodies of water often reveals hidden waves, it's affect on the skin is different. Exfoliating and nourishing, the result of natural abrasion by salt, sea, and sand is an incredible suppleness. Beauty treatments attempt to recreate this sea skin for the landlocked and while some are successful, the expense is difficult for regular maintenance. Is there anything that can be performed everyday that works as well as the sea?

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is actually a beauty ritual, thousands of years old, with evidence of practice in Ancient Greece and pre-modern Japan. 

Dry brushing is said to improve circulation, release toxic waste trapped in the body, efficiently drain the lymphatic system, and bring a supple tone to the body by reducing the appearance of fat and cellulite.

What Do You Need to Practice Dry Brushing?

  1. A natural brush. I am using a natural brush in a Burt's Bees bath set I received as a gift. It's smaller as it was originally intended for feet but I love it's size and prefer it than other larger brushers marketed for dry brushing. Really, any natural brush you like will do.
  2. A natural, organic oil. I am using G Stuff Sheer Basic Coconut Oil.
  3. Everyday discipline to incorporate this ritual. 

Like Love, Aim for the Heart

Dry brushing isn't difficult but there is a methodology to it. As it's main power lies in the power of blood and circulation, you must always brush towards the heart. I start lightly, building up a tolerance to the bristles. After an initial sweep of my body from my neck down to my toes, I apply heavier pressure with more vigor. I brush 3-5x over my body, for about 5 minutes in total just before the shower. After a warm shower, it is then advised you apply a health, all natural, organic oil such as coconut oil. I perform Japanese lymphatic and body tightening massages on myself at this time.

Benefits of Dry Brushing - Results After One Month

1. Improved Circulation - Good circulation can be measured in many ways. By one's energy, response to cold and heat, body warmth, digestion, and also the appearance of the skin. Dry brushing is an easy, healthy way for those who do suffer from poor circulation to mitigate their symptoms. 

2. Smoother Skin - The aforementioned sea skin is one that is finely exfoliated and incredibly submits to moisturizing. Dry brushing is often recommended to be followed by a warm shower, sometimes with a cold finish to close and tighten the pores, then an oil moisturizer like G Stuff's Sheer Basic.

3. Tighter - Japanese lymphatic massage and other Asian body tightening massage practices can really reduce stomach bloat or body bloat. Dry brushing improves the tightening of the skin itself in a similarly scientific way. The result, when combined, is the definition of the body beneath the skin that looks youthful and healthy, not unlike sea skin!

A New Kind of Radiant Resilience Thanks to Dry Brushing

Radiance is the result of the spirit, environment, diet, and soul. Beauty is not easy. Health is not easy, especially in this modern life. Beauty and health require a mindful commitment. Invest in yourself and your skin, you'll have it all your life!