The AMIHAN Summer Bucket List

Play hooky and day trip to somewhere, anywhere

Get in the car and go, lovers. Down the road, cross county lines, and run away for a day!

Step up your hat game

Start with a new snapback, why not?

Do more yoga

Om everyday! And step up your yoga style while you're at it.

Eat more fruit

Start beauty right, from the inside out.

Fall in love

Actually, we can help with that!

Experiment with your summer style

Exotic prints, perfect boho details, and essential luxury basics.

Sleep with the windows open

Balmy nights, sweet mornings, rise and shine.

Open your heart, help others

Start with the Rudhira Cord!

Make a beach teepee

Because summer. Because round towels.

Have fun with ice cubes

From icy mango lassi to summer cocktail time!

Grill night

Delicious from golden hour to sundown.


Find a new bikini to love and live in

Perfection comes when you can make it your own!

Take in your Vitamin Sea

Step up your dosage this summer for best results.

Sleep in a hammock

Paradise life if you can swing it!

Beach hair, don't care

Make it happen, we've got you.

Breathe in the scent of summer

The best scent in the world.


Nurture the mind and imagination!

Upgrade your shades

Too cool for school with sustainable wood sunglasses!

Just go for it

Yes yes yes!