Meet the Model: Charo

Pro-cheerleader, dancer, fitness babe, born in Japan, based in DC, all around the world adventures. Tawny beach beauty Charo def lives the AMIHAN Life, read on to find out more....

It takes a special model to bring out sunny paradise vibes in the middle of a rainy East Coast day but Charo did just that when we shot her for our Spring/Summer 2017 Look Book!  Charo was a natural model for AMIHAN with her tawny beauty, creative energy, adventurous spirit and commitment to health and fitness. While our Creative Director, Sinta, first met Charo in a Saturday sweat session (more about that in a bit) Charo was formerly the Captain of the Washington Redskins Cheerleading Team and also danced in the Pro Bowl. With the daring to live her happiest and best life, this dancing queen also took a leap to leave a corporate desk job (yes, this babe has brains) and become a full time Barre instructor. She is now the manager of Barre3 14th St. in Washington, DC where she's whipping up DC's ladies into shape!

What inspires you?

Inspiration can quite literally be taken from anywhere at anytime, so long as you are looking. I find great inspiration in nature - the wind, sea, trees, moon - all of these things remind me that there is ultimate cosmic order, to remain humble and grounded, to put trivial problems into perspective, and to continuously find moments of quiet peace. I also find that I'm inspired my several different humans throughout every single day... but what I find that I appreciate most about these people is their ability and desire to live authentically. There is not so much to be said for living a life that does not tap into your native genius, that does not fulfill your mind, body, + soul, and that safely serves only a financial need. Anyone who is taking risks and living on purpose inspires me, and I could sit with you endlessly and enigmatically discuss your passions and interests and desires.

What is your favorite travel destination?

I love the vastness of the sea and the pride of the people in the Southern Caribbean, I love the romanticism and sweet-smelling air of France. I love the closeness to waterfalls and raw beaches in Costa Rica, I love the energetic buzz and friendliness of Tokyo. But most of all, I love the rundown sea wall looking out into the Pacific in the my mom's hometown of the Philippines.

What are your paradise island essentials?

Sunscreen, book, bikini, music, friend. 

What are you listening to right now?

A lot of Ed Sheeran and Drake. Some Kelsea Ballerini, some Migos. The Weeknd, Jax Jones, Sam Hunt, Jack GarrattEllie Goulding, Hozier.