Meet the Model: Christa

You know that instructor that everyone has a crush on - a girl crush and a boy crush too (lol). Yeah, that's Christa also known as DC Fit Chick! Making us sweat and getting us in shape with a mega watt smile, we love this bubbly ray of sunshine. A former NFL cheerleader for the Washington Redskins, Christa has since been training at VIDA and Blast in DC and making those YouTube videos that inspire us to get into bikini season shape. Find out more about Christa and how she lives AMIHAN...

What's your favorite AMIHAN piece from summer 2017?

My fav AMIHAN piece is the Corsica Lacy Ruffle Bikini Top by For Love and Lemons SWIM.  Ruffles are super in, and I love wearing all white especially for the summer! 

Tell us your favorite Instagram accounts to stalk!

Some of my favorite IG accounts are: goldfish_kiss, the_salty_blonde, whitneyysimmons, tashoakley, devinbrugman- mostly beach themed!

Who's your girl crush?

My girl crush: Tash Oakley- what a bombshell!

Tell us your #1 fitness tip!

My number one fitness tip is to just do SOMETHING everyday.  Even if it's small, like just stretching, or walking for 30 mins, it will usually snowball into a bigger, better workout OR it will just be a recovery day.  Just to always be willing to do something active every day.